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New Smyrna Hearing Center believes in taking a patient centered approach to hearing health care.  The patient comes first and we strive to maximize outcomes and satisfaction for each appointment.  Our friendly staff, led by owner Dr. Indira Alvarez, has a combined tenure of 20+ years in the hearing healthcare industry and continue to press to stay up to date with all advancements within the field of Audiology. 

New Smyrna Hearing Center specializes in medical and diagnostic hearing evaluations, hearing screenings, customized treatment plans that may include hearing aids, Real Ear measurements, tinnitus and cleaning/servicing hearing instruments even if they were purchased elsewhere.

If you feel you are struggling to hear in situations where others are not exhibiting the same difficulties, schedule your consultation with us today. 

hearing aids

Hearing Aids come in many styles and sizes.  The hearing instruments that will work best for you depends on several factors: type of hearing loss, severity of hearing loss, anatomy of the ear, environments you would like to spend time in and comfort, just to name a few.  It is important to discuss these factors with our staff in order to select a hearing instrument that will suit your lifestyle and your needs. 

“Hearing Aids will make me look old.”

  • Responding inappropriately to a joke or a conversation can actually have a more profound effect on someone questioning your mental acuity or raising suspicion of a short attention span. Hearing aids can help and by taking responsibility for your own hearing loss gives the appearance of you being in the know and caring about the people you surround yourself with.

“Do I really need 2 hearing aids?”

  • YES! If you have hearing loss in both ears, then you need hearing aids in both ears too.
  • Would you get one eyeglass lens to see out of both eyes?
  • We hear best with two ears working together to better localize sound and improve speech understanding in noise which leads to less fatigue and stress as well as increase better sound awareness.

“If I had hearing loss, my doctor would have told me.”

  • Did you know that Medicare mandates that physicians discuss hearing annually with their patients. Medicare does not, however, mandate HOW a physician should discuss hearing with their patient. Only 14% of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss as part of an annual physical exam.
  • Most people with hearing loss hear relatively well in quiet environments (like a doctor’s office), making it difficult for you and your physician to know the extent of a hearing loss.

“I was told I have nerve damage and hearing aids won’t help.”

  • Due to many modern advances in technology, many even within the last 6 months, many people with sensorineural hearing loss CAN benefit from hearing aids…especially hearing in noisy environments.
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